Whole Home Proxies: Bringing Enterprise-Grade Security to Residential Networks


While enterprise networks follow best practices and security measures, residential networks often lack these protections. Home networks have constrained resources and lack a dedicated IT staff that can secure and manage the network and systems. At the same time, homes must tackle the same challenges of securing heterogeneous devices when communicating to the Internet. In this work, we explore combining software-defined networking and proxies with commodity residential Internet routers. We evaluate a “whole home” proxy solution for the Skype video conferencing application to determine the viability of the approach in practice. We find that we are able to automatically detect when a device is about to use Skype and dynamically intercept all of the Skype communication and route it through a proxy while not disturbing unrelated network flows. Our approach works across multiple operating systems, form factors, and versions of Skype.

In 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications
Mohamed Essedik Najd
Mohamed Essedik Najd
Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. Student, School of Computing, UConn